5 tools for Google penalty recovery


Google is penalizing many websites recently, and this has affected on SEO largely. Almost every business try to improve their traffic and top up on the rankings. A site which gets penalized is unable to fulfill both the above targets. Before we see how to recover from a Google penalty, we must see the reasons as to why a website is penalized.
The business should take steps to find what caused a penalty and how to fix them. There can be many reasons for the drop in rankings. Let’s take a look at some of them;
The content of a website which is not up to the standard can get you penalized. Websites must have good quality content.

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Broken links is another reason which will affect you. Therefore you should take steps to fix those links.
Unnatural links can also get you penalized. You must remove them or get them replaced with new ones.
You can get penalized by an algorithmic update if you aren’t following the Google webmaster guidelines. Provide accurate and relevant information about what has to be presented. Give what the user is looking. Recent updates by Google like Panda, Penguin and the mobile friendliness algorithm update has affected the number of rankings directly.

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The other way is that you can get manually penalized by Google search team. It is a group of people who work at Google. You can follow the Google webmaster guidelines to avoid such adverse effects. Since you aren’t the only firm in the industry, you have to provide the user with better search results. Once you avoid or get through the Google penalties, then the business can succeed in their way. It paves the way to improve traffic and get high rankings on the website.


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