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Hi I am Washeen Alagiyawadu, Your all in one SEO Services provider.

I can define SEO services are the techniques and methods of SEO to optimize a given website in order to give it high search ranking and increase the number of visitors. I think almost all websites will need SEO services to achieve its goal and complete its mission. Also Orlando SEO services can be categorized to two main categories: On-page SEO and off-page SEO. I think you may understand what each category work on from its name. However, I will discuss briefly each category in the coming two paragraphs.

On-page SEO

on page seo services details

     On-page SEO is all about techniques, strategies, structure, layout and methods done on your website (html or php code) to increase the website rankings. It includes page titles, H1-H6 tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords and internal page linking structure. Let’s begin with the most important one which is page titles. When I optimize any website, I always choose the page titles very careful. I have to make sure that the page titles contain the most important keyword, this is because when the user make a search, he/she see the page titles first. If the page titles are relevant, he/she enters the website. I think page titles are the frontage of your website. So, always take care of your frontage to be the most relevant details. Not only that, title needs to be optimized strategically if you are an Orlando SEO Expert you should be able to do the title optimization within 55 characters. I am specialized in adding more than 3 keywords in a title within 55 characters range.

     In my opinion, keywords are very important way to get a lot of visitors. This is because keywords guide the search engine to the most relevant content. As a result, I can say the more keywords in the website content, the more relevant your website to be. But unfortunately we can’t add keywords as you wish, there need to be a proper mixture and an advance optimization. This is why you need an seo expert or a consultant. You can hire a seo expert to do these or call a SEO Orlando consultant to get advice; but you don’t have to do any of those right now cuz I am your ONE STOP SEO SERVICES PROVIDER.

     Lots of clients ask me how many days will it take to rank a keyword? Well, to be honest I can only assume; because google always do search engine algorithm changes. This I always see since I check all my keywords daily. Sometimes in the night one of my keyword will be ranked #7 in but in the morning it will be #5. This is call a search engine ranking fluctuation(Google Dance). From my experience this means, that your keyword ranking is not stable in current location. This could be because you are making backlinks for your site or may be your are getting social signals. So search engines always calculate a suitable location for your keyword. So my answer for the client is; usually it we seo guys tell our clients it takes 6 months since it really take that much if you wanna stable your rankings for the exact keywords but I would say for me all my clients get ranked pretty fast. Yesterday (20/07/2015) I check one of my client ranking for keyword HD Cameras USA, it took me literally 29 days to get it ranked #1. This keyword is a high competition keywords but the fact it rank so soon is that it had the exact keyword in the domain and I gave more weight towards that keyword for the first month. When compared with gopro and other competitors my on page optimization score was 91% and the average is 47% so an seo expert can understand what this means right?. Well I will surely write more details about these optimization and client related info in my Washeen’s Blog so you can read if you see a interesting article and understand whether you want to HIRE ME or not.

OFF-page SEO Services

     There are three main categories of this method which are using social media, using social bookmarking and using links building. Search engine is not satisfied only by my website design, content, keywords and page titles, infact it is only 40% of the total seo campaign. Off page SEO gives the search engines perfect data about how other websites are thinking of your site in  online world. Search engine looks for my website name mentions in other pages or in social media, anchor text and incited links or data taken from my website to provide a page and domain authority. Well google had a system called page ranked but I don’t really feel it is updated anymore. Even though page authority does.

     From my experience, a lot of people think that off page SEO is only link building. I consider link building as the most popular category of off page SEO. When I build more external links for my website, I am focus in a link strategy and it works for me always. Link building strategy is a must and has to be combined with the on page optimization campaign. Because, when you can do both; you know where to provide the link and where to provide the relevant ANCHOR TEXT. This is because for each website that cites from your site or takes your website as a reference, it tells search engine that your website has more professional and trusted information.

I’m dealing with social media as a part of link building too, as social media mentions for my website will be recorded by search engine and will give social trust for my domain name; this is not as big as link building but its is something you should focus on. The most popular social media sites to get social signals are facebook fan page and sharing your blog postings in it, pinterest well this is huge with PA, linkedin really professional and get ranked pretty good, twitter and finally blogspot blogger.