Brand positioning strategy using search engine marketing


Brand positioning strategy using search engine marketing

In the article Brand positioning strategy using search engine marketing by Mr. Wenyu Dou (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin) is an associate professor. Mr. Dou argues that the search engine users think, the top result in a search engine results page (SERP) is more recognize has a good brand than any other well recognized brands results in that page. He claims that “Low internet search skills tend to evaluate the unknown brand more favorably along the similar brand in the SERPs.”
Next, the author supported his argument by providing an example of John and Sally, who happened to be celebrating their 25th anniversary. In brief, the author says; John wanted to go to a vacation in Bahamas to celebrate the anniversary, and therefore he had google for “Luxury Hotels in Bahamas.” When the search results appeared in the first page, he notice a hotel name Rani, which was in the top of the search result followed by some big hotels like Hilton and Four Seasons. In fact, John thought Rani was a luxuries hotel – otherwise, it could not have been displayed in top of the first page of Google search.

According to the author (Introna and Nissenbaum 2000) researches shows that; more than half of all visitors who arrive to a web site, traffic was generate through search engine rather than in any other source. Not only traffic, but also using proper search engine optimization will gain brand awareness. Even though, if there are no clicks for the search results, the company will provide an impression at the customer. These are facts on why hiring an SEO Expert to power-up your online marketing empire. Infact I am a pretty good seo expert in Orlando SEO structures.

Then, he claims that search engine occupy a higher position in online advertising and marketing by supporting these facts; “e-commerce studies have examined how information display format might influence consumer’s online buying behaviors. (e.g., Hogue and Lohse 1999 and Hong et al 2004). In addition to that, the researches done by Internet Advertising Bureau in 2004 says that search engine marketing help mostly the new businesses and small business owners a lot. However, if a company is looking for a long term profit for the company, then they should always pursue organic search rankings.

And finally, the author describe about two kind of online marketing method using search engines. First, it was to advertise by paying to get a link on top of the search results for a specific keyword and a geometry, which is mostly targeted the audience broadly. And secondly, by hiring search engine optimization specialist to get the web site rank for the specific keyword which the company is looking for. This method is totally free (no payments done for the search engine), organic and long term success.

This article is significant because, it was up-to date with all the useful information and he had also provided the historical statistics has well. Has a result, this is a good research for the small and medium businesses to gain some in-depth knowledge about search engine marketing. Finally the author had mention, this project is to provide an innovative idea to use search engines has a free tool for promoting businesses online.

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