Difference in between the SEO experts

  • October 9, 2016
  • SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is a technique of virtually increasing the ranking of your website on search engines like google etc. By making use of this, many of the online portals and businessmen have increased the ranking of their websites.

This is because of the reason that if your website is in the top of the rankings, only then you may be able to catch maximum user attention. While many of the website owner spend thousands of dollars on search engine optimization, there are some who want to make correct decision while selecting SEO expert in order to save cash money.


Now the question arises,  how to differentiate in between the SEO experts? Here we are going to tell you how.



The first thing first. Like every other field in the world, SEO also depends upon experience. You may be Top graduate of your IT class, or you may be having top grades in latest assignment, but you are not going to learn the core idea until you haven’t spent some time in field with clients. So when looking for one of the SEO experts for your website, select the experienced one.


The second point to check is to make sure that the expert team leader has actually a team. A team to depend upon. A team to lead. This is because the team is needed to look after every single aspect of SEO. It is not a single domain expertise field. It contains optimization, advertisement and maintenance for a long period of time.

So a single hand cannot do all the stuff. You need to have a team to give different directions. And once the proper team is found with the director, you can go on to look for further points.

Successful track record

The last and most important point that differentiates the experts is the successful track record of the expert. One may be having a single successful venture while the one next to him may be having hundreds of successful projects in his portfolio. This thing adds to the experience of one you are dealing with. An experience without a successful track record is of no use to the client.

Moreover, one must keep it in mind that a successful past experience is having the proper record in the form of history or something. Your SEO expert would have taken care of it while compiling his previous successful ventures. So always ask for him to let you access that vault where he has the track record. If he hesitates then you step back immediately since he may be making use of your less knowledge.

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