Ecommerce Digital Marketing Strategies in 2017


Today, the competition is high in the e-commerce marketplace. With the increase in demand for online purchases, e-commerce grows rapidly. But the competition is greater than the market growth. As a result, it’s hard to win the customer. The probability of losing the client is high, as all the businesses offer their products at a reasonable price with an excellent customer service. So to avoid falling behind the competition, you will need to implement new digital marketing strategies. As an online marketer, there are a various number of tools that can help you optimize your business and boost sales. Let’s focus on some of these latest digital marketing strategies.

Ecommerce digital marketing strategies in 2017
Due to the high usage of mobile phones, sales via smartphones were increased during the past few years. So to attract more customers, you need to provide a better user experience for smartphones. The websites should be designed more user-friendly. According to recent studies, if a client cannot contact you during a checkout process, the possibility of buying the product is less. So it is important to have a click to call phone number readily available. It is necessary to have images though the available space is limited. Moreover, it’s important to make the payment process simple when purchased through the smart phones, or else the user might switch back to the desktop or simply give up.
Chatbots has become one of the important marketing technique in 2017. Chatbots imitate a person, with whom you can have a conversation. Chatbots help the marketers to offer an overall great user experience. A chatbot would identify the customer preference and provide them the best option at an affordable price. An e-commerce business will have to utilize chatbots to smooth the client journey, or else the chance of a customer switching to another option is high. As E-commerce grows rapidly, it is important to respond quickly to the changing trends.

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