Few Technical SEO Checklist for Any Site

  • August 2, 2017
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Content is written to address the target group of customers. SEO is not limited to the On-Page and Off-Page techniques. You have to go beyond keywords, link building, and contents. If you build a strong foundation for your website, it has the chance of ranking high in search engines.
If you can make the search engine bots understand your site architecture, they would crawl and index your content quickly. Moreover, feeding information in a way that search bots like, will gradually help you to obtain great search results. Let’s go through some of the best technical SEO checklists.

Few Technical SEO Checklist for Any Site
A site map is important for an online business. It gives an idea to the search engines about your site structure. It is necessary to keep your site map updated and free of errors. And, it should be free from redirects, or else the search engines might ignore it.
Google has officially confirmed that pages which have a high loading speed are a ranking signal. It is expected for a page to load within one to two seconds. It is identified that the pages which are slow have higher bounce rates.
A grammar checker will help to get rid of poor grammar and misspelling in the content. It contributes to present an excellent and productive content. It is necessary to have an error free and resourceful piece of content, as the customer gets the first impression about the brand through content. It is believed that the longer contents tend to be better in rankings.
Mobile-First index is that Google will index the mobile versions of websites instead of their desktop version. So it is necessary to have a mobile version of your site. According to recent studies, half of the search inquiries come from mobile devices. You can use Website Auditor to check that all the resources are accessible to Googlebot.

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