How SEO changed with Panda update


Many updates rolled out recently since Google is more concerned with satisfying their customers. This update got its name because the Google engineer who developed the update was Navneet Panda. The new algorithm rolled out to the market in the year 2011 by introducing a new aspect of SEO.
The primary task of the panda update is to prevent low-quality sites from getting high rankings. And to place the high-quality sites at the peak of the ranking. Good quality content is the primary need which the customers expect to satisfy when they come across websites. This new update has affected the rankings of almost 12 percent of all search results.

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With the introduction of this update, now many sites pay more attention to the quality of their content. They try to satisfy their customers by providing them with the information which they need. Companies seek the help of SEO agents who assist them in reaching high rankings by writing quality content for them. Good quality content can attract many visitors, and if the number can impress the Google, they will place you on the top of the rankings. Companies with low-quality content were turned down suddenly due to this update. They were nowhere in the search engine results pages.

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Search Engine rankings of the company depend on the quality of the content. Since businesses compete with one another, they always try to be ahead of the other competitor. When considering SEO, companies use various methods to top up in rankings and to improve the traffic. With the Panda update, it mostly depends on the content of the website. If your content is not up to the standard, you are still not late. You can switch onto improving the content and get higher rankings.

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