How SEO changed with Pigeon update


Google is constantly updating its algorithms, and while it’s perfect for the searchers who are trying to find the most relevant results, it can also be a problem for business owners who have adjusted their website and business to Google’s previous standards.
The “Pigeon Update” is so named by Search Engine Land in the absence of an official name from Google. Despite the fact that Google has not called the update officially, it appears that the algorithm is vital enough to cause some major waves in the world of SEO, particularly in local results.

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• Google is a major advocate of advancing technology to favor mobile devices, particularly local searches. The Pigeon Update improves the experience of mobile search by adding location-relevant results.
The bottom line to the Pigeon Update, is an advance in local search results, both in traditional web searches and Google Maps. The Pigeon Update will give greater density to the searcher’s location in creating search results, and more local results will be presented at the top of the page.
• Locations and distances will be improved. It will work for both indexed locations and the locations of search users. Local businesses will be seen regarding their particular location, and searchers will get the ability to see more accurate locations and distances when hunting for firms in the area.
• Synonyms and misspellings will be handled separately. While the specific changes have been released, business owners can anticipate more relevant results for searchers who do not correctly input the name of the firm.

Unlike the Panda and Penguin updates, the Pigeon Update does not appear to be penalty based. That is to say; your web page will not suffer the fury of Google for any black hat-related infractions. However, the changes to location and distance data and favoritism toward local directories could be problematic for some local business owners.

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