How to deal with lost Google search rankings


Why has traffic to your site suddenly dropped? You cannot find your website anywhere on Google?! What’s happening? You might have these problems in your mind.
The world of SEO is complicated and always subject to change. Nowadays it requires a balance of both technical and creative strategies.
Some of the most common issues that can cause you to lose rankings in Google and how to fix them are discussed in detail.

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If you’ve lost rankings to particular pages of your site, then the first thing you’d want to review is if you have lost any backlinks. A loss in quality backlinks can mean a loss of a quality ranking signal, which can result in declined rankings.
Google regularly updates its algorithm and may determine that more informational, fresh pages are needed, and diverse results in the form of images or videos are necessary. So your pages might have fallen out of favor for any of the above reasons. If this is the issue, you might want to re-evaluate your targeting strategy for these pages based on ranking or choose another set of search rankings term to target.

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Check the internal links on the pages where you’ve lost rankings and find out whether any broken links have influenced in by chance. Having broken links can be a negative impact on ranking your site in Google search engine, because of the poor user experience, so you might want to check and adjust this.
The Google Panda algorithm update devalued websites that hindered user reading experience. If you changed your content structure or the quality to show more ads and those ads are placed in a way that can affect the user experience, they could have an adverse impact on your SERP ranks.


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