How to Gain Traffic from SEO for your Small Business

  • October 4, 2016
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With search engine optimization (SEO) there are many ways to get traffic for your business. Whether it is a small business or a large scale e-commerce site; you need to know/do one thing. Google or Research what is a good budget for your SEO needs.

How to Gain Traffic from SEO for your Small Business

Here are some good questions to research about;

  1. How long will it take to rank a website (General)
  2. How much is the cost for SEO based on keywords? (Check Our SEO Pricing Structure Based on Keywords)
  3. How many visitors need to make one conversion? (Generic question)
  4. What is my audience?
  5. Where should I start?

So, there are 5 main questions you should ask yourself and do some research before hiring an SEO Expert. Let me help you with some ideas for your research.

How long will it take to rank a website? (General)

It depends on how many keywords you need to rank for. I am doing SEO since 2005, almost 11 years experience – so I know all the details about getting you ranked vs. how to get you rank and increase more customers for your business. But, we need resources to do that.

  • Resources like articles for every keyword you are going to pick.
  • Resources like Backlinks from High Authority Sites, not just some general sites, but these backlinks needs to come from same niche/industry or category which your business belongs to if you really needs to get the expected results from backlinks.

So pick your battles first, don’t just put 100’s of keywords into the table. First, ask your SEO consultant to do a proper research and see whether the keywords are good to go. In my opinion, if your budget is less than $1000/month for at least 6 months then you need to pick 5-10 leading local keywords. So I forgot to mention what is local and national keywords. Let me explain them to you.

  • Local Keywords: Local keywords are based on your physical business location, it can be the city, county or the state. Sometimes people pick zip codes and surrounding cities. (There is a strategy when choosing local keywords: consult washeen seo if you need help with that)  It is recommended for service providers like City + lawyers, city + dentists, city + other services which are mainly getting businesses from the city itself then go for it.
  • National Keywords: Normally national keywords are mostly for e-commerce sites, software companies, and international marketing companies, etc. For example, we have a client who wanna rank for “Enterprise Quality Management Software” which is entirely national and international. If this is a local keyword, then it will be “Enterprise Quality Management Software, Companies in Orlando.”

As you can see, you got to pick your battles (keywords). Once you and your SEO consultant found all the keywords that your business needs to rank, go for it. Keep a track, work daily and push it to the top of Google using Articles, Backlinks, and Social Media Signals.

Please check back our blog for more information and answers for the rest of the questions from the above 5.

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