How to resolve Penguin penalties


Google Penguin is an algorithm update designed to penalize and prevent link spamming. Penguin has undergone some upgrades over the years; all intended to promote quality content and hamper anyone practicing unethical link building.

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The beauty of Penguin is that if you have received a penalty after the latest update, you don’t have to wait for an extended period to see that penalty lifted. First things first, however, because your penalty won’t be lifted so long as issues remain. Here’s what you should do:

1. Remove Harmful Links
When possible, petition webmasters to remove spammy links from the offending sites. If they refuse, or if you can’t contact these webmasters, deny these links using Google Disavow tool.
2. Steer Clear of Common Hazards
Penguin update hasn’t drastically altered what Penguin penalizes so much as what, the way how it deals with web spam. To that end use your favored penalty risk assessment software to get a list of all of your site’s backlinks and then check them for any potential hazards. Riskier sites should be removed or denied, as specified above.
3. Focus on Quality Content
The real way to earn links is to build up your content with regular, high-quality offers. Plan out your content in advance so eventually; you have a content calendar for publishing blog posts, ebooks, and other assets. Concentrate on your content on relevant topics that will earn you attention and support you rank for your targeted keywords.
4. Vary Your Link Building
Finally, when you have your quality content loaded, you just need to spread the word. Reach out to any industry authorities your reference in your content and see if you can gain links from multiple high-profile experts who will help spread the word organically. It shouldn’t be too hard if your content satisfies a need you see in your audience.

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