How to write a content based on SEO


The internet is flooding with different contents that are being developed with the purpose of encouraging the people to read them. Now out of this wide variety, some are good variety of content and the rest are only meant to fulfill the need of content while building a website.

Writing a content for a website is not difficult, but aiming to fulfill the SEO needs is some other topic which mostly people ignore. But here we are going to guide you of the details that are needed to be kept in mind for the writing of a SEO based content.


First find the keywords

The first thing to do is to find the keyword. For the people who don’t know, keyword are the words the search engine uses to find a content or a website. For instance, you when enter a word on the google search, that word is actually recognized by google as the keyword. Now google uses it search parasites to look through the whole of the web for the similar words on websites. If a website comes up with the similar word, the google will show it as the search result.

So the first step is to find the useful top keywords and can be found on the internet.

Writing content

Now to write content there are some of the tactics. Write only in small para’s of 3-4 lines. Write a symmetric article like similar small packages. The keyword density is recommended to be 1-3 percent. Try to bold the keyword as the google parasites will more easily find it.

Including hyperlinks

The hyperlinks are the way to direct someone out of the website to another website. They are mostly shown in italic and then a hyperlink option allows the content writer to add it with the word he needs. Now once added and the content comes online, a reader while reading just clicks on the italic word and he will be taken to the website to which it is connected. This is good way of giving your readers additional content or data.

Turn the links on

Now when you have written the article, it is your last of the duties to add a link of it. Once the link is added you can easily share it with anyone on Facebook, twitter etc.  One can also turn the keywords into clickable word links so that you can easily emphasize on it.

There are also other techniques but the major ones are these that we have mentioned above. So one must try to at least follow them while writing a content since the Search Engine Optimization is the most important part of writing and working on the web. So pay attention on it. You can find our ranking for Orlando SEO Services and many other cities upon request.

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