Key SEO trends you need to consider in 2017


SEO is a popular strategy used by businesses to increase the traffic to their websites. Many companies are using SEO at present to compete with one another in the industry. Some widely used SEO trends are listed below.

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Video content is a popular trend which evolved as another result of the new technology. People like to watch videos rather than looking at pages filled up with written content. Videos can get quick attention of the visitors. It can be proved that video content is very successful by looking at the rising number of viewers on Facebook and YouTube daily. With the introduction of voice search, there was a significant evolution of the SEO trends that will affect your traffic. It has made searches much easier than before. You can use your voice to input what you need to search and no more time is wasted on typing as earlier.

Social signals is another significant trend in 2017. There is a vast and widely spread population of social media users. Practicing social media is an excellent way to capture many customers. It even paves the way for online buying and selling. It is now a common trend to sell products over social media. A new business can quickly build the standard and capture a market through this strategy. Since there are many users, companies never end up with disappointment. Trends keep evolving day by day.

Google keep introducing new algorithms to filter sites with bad quality and provide more accurate data to the visitors. Web searches have improved along with high quality in the recent years like never before. With the current and upcoming trends, it is quite easy to improve the number of new visitors and provide them with new experience which will help in improving the traffic.


Washeen, Head of SEO, has 15+ years in SEO & SEM, enhancing traffic and revenue across industries. Also graduated from Full Sail University for BSc. Web Development & Design.

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