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Trust issues are inevitable when settling for a product, service or a business found from the Internet due to the excess of good and bad ones that are in the same water. To avoid customers being misled, search engines have implemented their algorithms of filtering out the best from the rest, and Search Engine Optimization was introduced to overthrow the mechanism of these algorithms. Although SEO was about dodging these rules, it has now become playing by the rules which altogether fulfills the qualitative requirements of a website as well as the expectation of search engines to provide trusted and quality results for their users. True to the saying, it has also become challenging to find the right SEO expert that provides hassle free services.

Lexington SEO Consultant is deemed as a successful service provider by our extensive clientele that has been satisfied from top-quality SEO services. We start from the scratch and give your business a fresh beginning should it need one, or else improve your quality of service by providing expertise in the form of consultancy and training.
Primarily, Lexington SEO Consultant focuses on your website as it gives your customers the first insight into your business. We redesign the website based on professional site architecture and improve properties such as page load time and ease of navigation to provide a better user experience to the potential clientele.


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As for redirecting more targeted traffic to your website, we specialize in On-site and Off-site SEO, separately. In On-site SEO we develop content based on Lexington SEO Consultantkeywords that are likely to be used by customers who search for identical products or services, and this increases the relevancy of your website content to a majority of similar user queries. In Off-site SEO, we implement advanced link building strategies like back-linking to increase the exposure of your website by being found through online directories.
Stopping here doesn't meet your expectation of growing your income. Unlike any other SEO service provider, Lexington SEO Consultant extends our services to maintaining a steady conversion rate with personalized solutions which enable real-time communication between your representatives and customers. We implement Call-to-Action strategies and chatting systems that suit the type of your business guaranteeing 99% of your traffic later joins your clientele.
Lexington SEO Consultant possesses all the characteristics of a promising SEO service provider. We are a team of professionals that have gained firsthand experience of the evolution, captured the big picture and well versed in the industry best practices. We focus on the present and the future, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition. We believe in makeovers. We transform your company into a profitable one by harnessing the full power of SEO in the shortest time possible.