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On Page Optimization Checklist in 2017

On page optimization is the first step of SEO where every webmaster should consider. On page optimization basically, refers to the measures taken by the website to increase their ranking. It is not an easy task to get good rankings in the search engine. Search engines get smarter and better daily. So only good content is not enough to compete with your competitors. On page optimization helps to increase the readability of the website for visitors. Let’s drive into our on page optimization checklist in 2017
Keyword is the essential factor for ranking. The title should be between 50 to 60 characters while the Meta description should be between 150 to 160 characters.
The content should be in good quality with relevant information, and it should at least have five hundred words. The information provided should be up to date.


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On Page Optimization Checklist in 2017 Maintaining the keyword density is important. Key word density refers to the percentage of the keyword or key phrase used in the website when comparing to the total number of words in the web page. Target word can be used as permalink, heading1, and heading2 tags.
It is necessary to include images with proper pixel and file size on the web page. It is a need to make sure whether the pictures in the web page are useful. Alternate tags should be able to describe the images when necessary.

A grammar checker would be helpful to get rid of poor grammar and misspelling. It helps to present simple and productive content. It is also important to consider about the word count in an article. According to recent studies, longer materials tend to be better in rankings.
It is also necessary to consider about the speed of the web page. It matters for the rankings as the long time can negatively affect on conversions.
Above on page optimization checklist will help to optimize the rankings in search results. A well-maintained website has a probability of achieving the top position is Google Search.