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  • July 20, 2015
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Latest SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a two-way system that leads to a win-win situations. It allows customer to reach the website he/she wants, and it provides the website owner with keywords to be reachable the buyers of his/her products. I’m using a variety of SEO services to make me able to rank the keywords in search engines. My SEO strategies covered all possible ways to show my client’s customer; how his/her page is the perfect choice for the buyer. I divided these strategies to sections to make it more organized for you.

Fundamental processes:

    First, I focus on the structure that the website organized with, since it must be optimized for the keywords that I researched and my client already provided to me at the start of the on page optimization campaign. I make the website more accessible to users and search engine’s using Google standard user-friendly methods. I consider page titles to include my specific keywords for its topic. My page titles target users and human searchers. I make use of my internal links keywords in the main website to be more indexed. These fundamental strategies help me to reach advanced search ranking. Summary: get the site structure correctly/ do on page optimization with each pages/ do internal link building to send link juice withing each other.

SEO needs Trust:

    I’m considering trustworthy as my perfect strategy to reach the user. To make my website more professional and trusted one, I need to keep it modern, organized, clear, well designed and using my professional logo (well the main way to gain trust with google is to have a well organized aged domain). I always check my topics for grammar, structure of sentences and spellings. I must use citations even if it is in-text citation, short link or reference list and give the credits. More presence of high-quality visuals helps me to improve my content. I allow users to communicate with the site by comments to make them more interested. I am also a SEO consultant in Orlando so if there any new seo guys out there wanna learn some free advice from a person who is doing and still learning seo for more than 10 years hit me up.

Upgrade Strong Pages:

    It is very important for me to upgrade my strongest pages fast. These pages must get freshness continuously. This method allows me to avoid dated pages. Even if I have a solid content, I can use comments and Google’s freshness upgrade system to provide my topic pages. From my experience, freshness factor led me to more high rankings. – These means I love to put more content related to the keyword I used in my clients website, this can be done by blog system in the same domain.

Support News:

    I’m working for providing news with more attractive data. I might use some powerful statistics, results, graph format, surveys and other collected data. We always try to show our data in more attractive ways like videos, infographic and slide show presentation and thats why my strategies in Orlando SEO works really well. This method is able to increase my website popularity above its normal ranking.

Branding data:

    Brand-based data that collected by the search engine is a powerful reason for rankings. From these data, search engines can measure site popularity and determine website rankings. Search engine standards are the volume of search for the brand name. Spreading the word of the client site through social media to get more social signals (one of the ranking factor : social signal), more users will reach my website and they may mention my website name later (this is called social sharing and going viral). In addition, making my content more professional and optimized will lead other pages to cite and mention my site in their websites or blogs.

SEO for mobile:

    Finally, Google reported that searching from mobile phone present from 14% to 30% and its average increased for this year to around 22%. I work with XHTML code validation for mobile, and I also use W3C’s mobile validator to make sure that my website is mobile friendly. I focus on testing my website via mobile to make sure that it provides the same content with its professionalism. It appears now there is a different ranking system for mobile sites too. For an example if you search my site in google for Orlando SEO Expert it will show you I am 3th in USA for that keyword in normal browsers, but if you search it using your mobile phone I will be the 4th. (Mind all these results may be change at the moment when you are reading this)

Washeen Alagiyawadu is a Web Developer, Designer and one of the Top 25 SEO Experts in USA.

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