SEO trends for e-Commerce Sites

  • July 13, 2017
  • SEO

Businesses use e-commerce sites to deal directly with the customers. It is hard to get customers if your website is not available when searched using search engines. So to attract customers, e-commerce sites use SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It helps optimize the online contents so that it will be ranked in a higher position when searched. According to recent studies, the first three websites found in the search results have more possibility to be visited. As the SEO trends are always changing, if an e-commerce business owner wants to stay ahead in the competition, it is important to keep up with the SEO trends. So let us go through the SEO trends for e-commerce sites

small bsuiness SEO trends for e-commerce sites
During the last few years, the number of mobile searches was greater than the desktop searches. The number of mobile users increases with the every passing day. So Google states, they favour websites which are mobile friendly. So the businesses have to redesign or design their websites giving the opportunity for the customers to visit the sites using their smartphones. It can provide a better user experience to the visitor. It is one of the best SEO trends for e-commerce sites.
Recently most of the marketers use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to boost their SEO. The companies that have more likes are ranked higher in the search results of Google. People refer the social profiles of businesses to find what they are looking for and to get a better image of the brand.
With the development of the technology, people seek for video contents rather than the written contents. The web pages that contain video materials are ranked higher as they are more attractive to the users. These are some of the best SEO trends for e-commerce sites.

Washeen, Head of SEO, has 15+ years in SEO & SEM, enhancing traffic and revenue across industries. Also graduated from Full Sail University for BSc. Web Development & Design.

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