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First of all, you have to search for the reasons why you faced a rank drop. Then you can take the necessary steps to fix it. Let us see the main causes for a drop in rankings and how to fix them.
You can get affected by a Manual or Algorithmic Penalty Rank drops. Algorithmic updates are automatic, and they are usually released by google. Manual updates are manually applied by a Google employee. You have to observe your Google Webmaster Tools account to see whether you are penalized by an algorithmic update. You should also check the Manual Actions section from Google Webmaster Tools so that you can get to know if you are manually penalized.

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To fix it, you must publish quality content, remove or disavow broken or unnatural links. Users look for quality and informative contents of the website, and if they are not satisfied with it, they will move to other available sites. Content is the most important tool in a website. If this regularly happens Google will take steps to penalize your site.
You can Get OutRanked by a Competitor which will drop your rankings. Your competitors can get high rankings than yours. You should continuously monitor and analyze your competitors and predict their next moves. You should try to be very diverse and creative than your competitors. You should implement new promotional and marketing strategies and provide unique service to the customers. Try to satisfy their clients more than the competitors.


You might also experience a drop in rankings when you lose your links. What should you do when it happens? You should check for broken links. If there are any, try to fix them and prevent unnecessary redirection. Or else you can replace the links with new ones, which is easier than fixing a broken link.

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