Tips to optimize the crawl budget for SEO


We must know what this crawl budget refer. Crawl budget can be defined as the number of times a search engine spider crawls through your website in a given period. So if a Googlebot goes through your site ten times per day, we can say that your typical Google crawl budget is approximately 300 per month.
You can find out your crawl budget by using tools such as Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster.
How to Optimize Your Crawl Budget?? Now, this is what we are looking. Let us go through one by one.

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  1. Make sure your web pages are crawlable .  Your page is crawlable if the search engine can find and follow links within your website. You may need to provide text versions of pages that rely heavily on rich media files.
  2. Use Rich Media Files Cautiously
    There was a time when Googlebot wasn’t able to crawl content such as JavaScript, Flash, and HTML. Not every search engine can read your precious media files.
  3. Avoid Redirect Chains
    Each URL you redirect wastes a little of your crawl budget, when your site has long redirect chains.
  4. Fix Broken Links
    Broken links do not play a significant role in rankings, even though they significantly impede Googlebot’s ability to index and rank your website.
  5. Clean the Sitemap
    XML sitemap helps both your users and spider bots, by getting your content better organized and easier to find. Keep your sitemap updated.
  6. Take advantage of Feeds
    Feeds like RSS, XML, and Atom, allow websites to deliver content to users even when they’re not browsing your site. It lets users subscribe to their favorite sites and receive regular updates whenever new content is published.

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By now, you’ve reasonably noticed a trend in the article – the best-practice advice that improves your crawlability which in turn tends to improve your searchability. Simply, when you make it clearer for Google to discover and index your site, you’ll enjoy more crawls, it means faster updates when you publish new content to your site. You’ll also improve overall user experience, which improves visibility, which ultimately results in better SERPs rankings.


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