Top 5 Social media marketing trends

It’s hard to believe how Social media has changed our lives within the last few decades. It has become a part of our lives today. This has changed the whole marketing world and the way businesses and customers communicate with each other. With the new evolution in the marketing world, the businesses have to move on to new marketing strategies from the traditional methods. As billions of customers around the world are using social media platforms it is much easier to reach them directly. This has reduced the gap between the company and the customer. Out of all the social media trends, there are top five social media marketing trends that has made a change in the marketing world. Let’s check out what are these top five social media marketing trends
Few social networks offer the live streaming video option, where the businesses get the opportunity to present their products or services to the customers in a creative manner. This service is offered free of charge and through this, the customers are able to get a clear image about the product.
Today most of the customers are expecting quick replies to their inquiries and comments. Using the artificial intelligence, tech companies has designed chatbots, which is a conversational agent that has the ability to act without the presence of a human. The companies get the benefit of building a strong relationship with the customers.


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During the last few years there were consolidations between many social media platforms. The businesses has to closely monitor these changes as they would affect them.Top 5 Social media marketing trends
It’s time to move on from the traditionally marketing methods as customers expect a personalized and relevant content. So most of the businesses use Facebook and social networks to identify about the interests of the customers.
It is not an easy task to gain the attention in digital world. Recently, as there are more content and less space, social networks are moving from the traditional timeline updates. So if the businesses are planning to advertise using the social media they have to pay for it.
By the year 2016 there were more than 2.3 billion actively using social media and it is expected to increase continuously. So the businesses has the opportunity to increase their number of sales by using these top 5 social media marketing trends.