Top 6 SEO Trends that Dominated 2017

The online world is always in motion. SEO trends always change with the technology. Search Engine Optimization plays a major role in businesses. The main aim of a business is to be ranked among the first three results of the search engines when searched. SEO helps to increase the ranking of the websites and make it more visible. It is important to monitor the changes of the SEO market carefully, to experience the maximum benefits. Let us go through the top 6 SEO trends that dominated 2017.

Growth in the mobile browsing is one of the top 6 SEO trends that dominated 2017. During the recent years, the mobile traffic has rapidly increased, and it keeps on growing when compared to the desktop. Google focuses on mobile devices and plans to make the default device in their activities.
Voice search becomes popular among the people day by day. It has become the fastest and most preferable option among the users as there are many benefits like the speed and hands-free.


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Top 6 SEO Trends that Dominated 2017 Contents are a common trend used in SEO. Content writers are required to write more informative and meaningful contents rather than repeating the keyword. As it would make the reader boring and it will make it looked like stuff.
Web sites should be able to be in touch with the users, as it would gradually increase the traffic. Strategies such as Facebook and Instagram promotions, blog commenting will help to develop the bond between the websites and users.

Accelerated Mobile Pages contributes to building web pages that load quickly on mobile phones. According to recent studies, it shows that people tend to the next available website if the loading speed is low. AMP loads 30 times faster than the regular pages.

People prefer video contents rather than the written contents. The web pages that contain video materials are ranked higher. It is also one of the top 6 SEO trends that dominated 2017. With the changes in the technology, these trends would differ in the future.