Traditional Marketing versus Online Marketing


Traditional Marketing versus Online Marketing

Without a proper marketing strategy, a company is just like an ant in a huge football field. Therefore, understanding the concepts of advertisements to attract more customers and then to globalize the company to gain more brand awareness and investors will increase the sales significantly. So, knowing details about traditional marketing concepts and online marketing strategies will provide a huge difference for a company.

What is mean by marketing? Marketing means the things that a business do to get the attention of the customers. In a simple manner, marketing means advertising and promoting of products and services. There are two different types of marketing methods such as; Traditional marketing and online marketing. In other words, marketing can be divided into three categories such as, Advertising, Global access and Sales.


In traditional marketing, in order to advertise a service or a product, the companies used to advertise on newspapers, television and radio channels. Which is expensive and also consumes more human resources and time. On the other hand, advertising using online marketing methods are more successful in many ways. For example, companies can advertise on social media networks, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing seo Orlando. In addition to that, companies can also do advertisements using YouTube videos, blog posting and article marketing in a more creative method without consuming more human resources.


Furthermore, in traditional marketing concept, globalization is limited. For an example; if the company wanted to start promoting their products for worldwide customers, they will have to send marketers or business consultant to study the market in that country and find dealers in different countries to open stores. However, it is time consuming and need a big investment to do that. In the same way, if a company is doing an online marketing campaign, they can attract more customers, investors or even brand awareness from a single web site combine with online marketing strategies. Opposite for the Global is local seo services, if check Orlando SEO I am a top person in that area.


Finally, when we consider about the amount of sales done by traditional marketing is much lesser than the sale done by the online marketing. According to Google report in 2013, there are over four billion online consumers per annum in America. In my opinion, it could be because of the easiness to do shopping through online, delivery concepts and payment methods that are implement by companies in their web sites.

Lastly, if I were a company owner, I would definitely go with online marketing strategies for my company. Because of the wide range of opportunities that are available in marketing using online has a company. Finally, it is always an advantage to provide a creative idea through an online advertisement to grab global audience to bring more sales towards the company.

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