What does an SEO consultant do to your site to rank top?

What does an SEO consultant do to sitesThe internet is a complex eco-system. Every web page you see was made using a variety of programming tools. Creating a web page doesn't do any good unless people see it. The common mistake most bloggers and new website creators do is thinking that making a web page is all you got to do and visitors will come and read the page out of nowhere. This is why we see a lot of people starting up blogs but quitting the industry within months.

There are two ways of getting visitors to a website or a web page. First is by direct sharing. Direct sharing includes sharing on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg or sending the link to a friend. The latter is from search engines such as google, bing, and yahoo. Let's say you start a blog about nutrition and publish a few articles. The only way you could get visitors to your site is by direct sharing since nobody is going to find your website on Google. For someone to find your site on Google, your site needs to be optimized for search engines.


You may ask why do I need to optimize my site for search engines. Well, the answer is simple. The job of a search engine is to deliver the best web page to a visitor. So for people to find your website on Google, your web page needs to be the best. The only way to do this is by an advanced method called Search Engine Optimization (abbreviated as SEO). A well-optimized website could rank on the first page of Google even when there are a million other web pages for the given keyword.

Search Engine Optimizing a website can be done by anyone who has a basic knowledge of SEO. But this has limits. An average blogger will know a few basic SEO strategies such as keyword optimizing and schema markup, but that won't get you anywhere. That's why you need to hire an SEO Consultant.

The job of an SEO Consultant is to get the most of your site executing the best SEO techniques which include keyword research and implementation, link building, trust building and on page optimization. An SEO consultant has a vast knowledge of SEO trends and searches algorithms. That's why an expert stands out from an average blogger.

For your information, not every website needs to get an SEO expert. The price of hiring an SEO Consultant is very high, and unless you're really into what you do with your site, you don't need an SEO consultant.

For local businesses which have an online website, SEO can get you more customers than you can ever imagine. And even for large businesses which have a lot of competition, hiring an SEO Consultant would give them the upper hand. Talking about local business, hiring an SEO Consultant for your town would help you better than a SEO Consultant from another state.