What is Google Penguin Algorithm Update?

  • August 3, 2017
  • SEO

Google Penguin Algorithm update was initially introduced in the year 2012. But it was not practiced in real time until now. It is the algorithm update that identifies websites that are spamming the search rankings. The ones that spam by purchasing links or by obtaining from link networks designed with the aim of boosting Google ranking. Spam websites will be eliminated at the moment they hit the search rankings with this new filter. Earlier it took months to get the same effect. On the other hand, it is an advantage to the websites that are wrongly considered as spam; now they can get out of the blame in no time. Changes and the alternations you make to your sites will be visible quickly, as it works in real time.

What is Google Penguin Algorithm Update?
Rather than devaluing the ranking of the whole website, Penguin now devalues the spam by affecting the ranking, based on spam signal. Penguin is more page specific; it hits the individual pages or sections of the website. As a result, high-quality content needs to be distributed equally throughout the site. Relying on a particular section of the site, to stay in the top rankings won’t do.
With the recent update, companies with the best sites were able to be on the top, and the others were affected negatively. It is necessary to give more attention to what you publish on your website. The content must be unique and high in quality. Writing whatever that you think might increase your traffic won’t do.
It is on the hand of the website developers to check whether you are providing a high-quality content. By running a full content audit, you will be able to make sure that none of it is breaking the Google rules. Penguin Algorithm update is no more a hindrance; it is an advantage if you fix your content.

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