What is Google Pirate Algorithm Update

  • August 3, 2017
  • SEO

Google keeps releasing new updates when it is necessary. The “pirate update,” is an unofficially named update by Google which was released on 2012. It is entirely different from the earlier algorithm updates by google.

The pirate update has brought out more rules for sites which are violating copyright laws. The pirate update stands against online piracy and limits the power of illegal online services.

The major parties benefitted are the media producers who were facing problems of piracy sites. With the introduction of the new update, there were many sites which were adversely affected.

Google updates like, “panda” and “penguin” were released with the aim of supporting ranking and setting standards. But the pirate update was intentionally introduced for damaging sites that have broken the law.

What is Google Pirate Algorithm Update? by Washeen
In August 2012, Google released the pirate algorithmic changes that penalized sites frequently accused of piracy. The Google pirate update was released with the intention of punishing sites that were violating copyright laws.

Being on the top of the rankings is what companies want. Various SEO strategies are used to top up in ranking and get more traffic to the site.
Google demotes rankings of illegal sites that violate the copyrights and control the way its results are displayed. If you are a business carrying out your website legally, then the others who are on the other site might find it difficult to deal with you.

With SEO all the sites compete to increase their traffic. For these different businesses use different ways. Sites with proper contents and those who adhere to copyright laws are not being affected by the new Google pirate update.
Google will keep releasing more and more updates with changes in algorithms in the future. Sites must be of high-quality content and challenging to the competitors so that they can stand still for the changes ahead.

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