Why is Possum update messing with local SEO


Google keeps updating and introducing new algorithms. Lately, Google came up with many algorithms which increased the SEO standards. Let us see what the introduction of possum has brought us. Possum update focus on providing more accurate local search results. Earlier it was quite difficult for businesses to appear on local search results even with paid listings through Google AdWords or to have fully optimized accounts.
Companies are more concerned about the ranking, and that is what they aim for; to be at the peak of the rankings. If you have higher ranks on search engine result pages, then you get more traffic. It means you can get the competitive advantage over your competitors.


With the introduction of this update, the search results are based on the actual location of the user. Mobile searches enable the use of GPS which helps to get the exact location of the user while the place of desktop searches are determined by obtaining the IP address of the user. A filter on the site of the business was applied to avoid more than one listing of the same place. With the new update, companies which are outside the city limits but nearby the city is also shown on the maps. The possum update has two different local search algorithms. One for local map results and the other for organic listings.
With the release of the new algorithm, Google has created new ‘filters’ by which high ranked listings are filtered with keywords. Google is introducing new trends to satisfy its users and meet current standards which are based on the search trends and is more concerned about providing the best service to its customers who are going through searches. The possum update has solved the ranking problems of many companies. SEO strategies can be implemented more soundly due to these updates.


Washeen, Head of SEO, has 15+ years in SEO & SEM, enhancing traffic and revenue across industries. Also graduated from Full Sail University for BSc. Web Development & Design.

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