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target How to Hire an SEO ExpertEvery website needs to be search engines optimized for google, bing, yahoo and other search engines to find it. Optimizing a website is not an easy job. It takes knowledge and years of experience to get a site to rank on the first page of Google. Never-the-less search engines will punish websites dreadfully if any of them use black hat SEO techniques or try manual blog spam. This is why you must hire an SEO expert to work on your sites to make it rank well on search engines.

Back in the times when the internet wasn't a viral tool, finding an SEO consultant was simple. You'd go to a freelance site such as oDesk, Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer or SEO Clarks and hire them directly. And they would rank your website somewhere on google as there weren't many competitions. The story is entirely different today. Hiring an SEO Consultant from SEO Clarks or any other freelance site wouldn't do any good instead they will make your site go way down in search ranks as so-called "freelance SEO Experts" are either not qualified to do proper optimizations on a site or they use black hat SEO Methods.


Learn How to Hire an SEO Expert

This is why you need to find a well-qualified SEO company. The best way to find a good SEO Company is to search them on google. If a company could rank themselves on Google, they could probably rank you there as well, so understanding How to Hire an SEO Expert is the key for your business success. The most common keywords used to find SEO is "SEO company + your city." This way you can find SEO companies that operate in your town. For example, let's say you live in Orlando. So you type SEO company Orlando, and you'll get a list of professional SEO companies that do optimization in Orlando. is also one of the top 3 SEO companies in Orlando.

Now since you have found a proper SEO Company next step is to find whether they are reliable. The best way to find this is by contacting the company and asking for a reference. This way they'll give you a couple of clients you can talk and get to know about the company's SEO services. If you're happy with the words you heard, you can proceed to the next step. If not, you could go back to Google and find another company and ask for references.

The next move is to ask the company how they'd rank you on top of Google and what would be the most sensible keywords to rank. At Washeen SEO Experts we would usually give our clients a detailed strategy proposal. But most SEO companies in our area won’t give you a plan but instead, they'd analysis your site and tell you which sectors needs improvement and which keywords you could rank for. Either way, if you're happy with what you would get, what's left to do is hire that particular SEO Expert to get your website to rank on the first page of Google.

We wish you great luck with your business, and if you're interested in our work you can hire us too!